The Stone Age: Electric Music Of The 1960’s and 1970’s

‘The Stone Age’ with Dan Wargo is a Series of one hour Shows that highlight the Electric Music of the 60’s and 70’s. Each program can be listened to alone, or as part of the Series of 150.  I explore the Sound that was at once the symbol, and the harbinger of Change worldwide. The contributions of artists such as The Doors, The Byrds, The Rolling Stones, The Mothers of Invention, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell as well as contextual Folk, R&B and related music are presented on ‘The Stone Age’…Music that still sounds good today… This is Electric Sound too seminal, too positively influential to be forgotten…


  • If you are a radio station Program Director or General Manager and wish to inquire as to how to broadcast these programs, please contact me for download information.

You can also go to Public Radio Exchange (PRX) where all 150 Shows can be downloaded as a Series, or as individual, stand-alone programs.
‘The Stone Age’ with Dan Wargo has been broadcast regularly on Public Radio for more than 8 years in California/Oregon, Montana/Wyoming, Minnesota/Canada, Texas and in Iowa…
Thanks For Listening.., And Thanks For Your Contact!

Electric Music of the 1960’s and 1970’s sounds too good to die…

Received from Voice Of Belle Plaine, IOWA on March 4, 2012….

‘The Stone Age’ every Sunday night at 8:00PM Central (6:00PM PST)

Hi Dan,

I just checked the stats from the time-slot when your show was playing. Besides the good ol’ USA… you also had listeners from Greece, Germany, and Japan. You’ve gone international Dude… LOL! We’ve been getting alot of listeners in Germany lately. I’m guess that maybe it’s US servicemen on the way home fro the war(s). There’s a ton of US bases there and a lot of them are hospitals. I just wonder if this guys aren’t stuck in Germany for a while and find the station that way? Maybe even Googling ‘Iowa Rock Station’ or some such thing…

I’m happy you like the station and we are very happy to be airing your show!

Roger 3-4-12

Hi Dan,

Sure, by all means send the new programs.

Wow… For most stations that would be 4 years worth of programing! Most stations figure 24 shows/year, then each one repeated once/year. We just love The Stone Age show.

I thought you would be interested to know that the last few Sundays we’ve had between 3 and 7 listeners from the country of Monaco… LOL!!! I have no idea how they found your show Monaco is a very tiny country) in particular on my station, but they have! If you aren’t familiar with where Monaco is, it’s rite between France and Italy. Hopefully some of the other nearby countries will catch on too! There has also been a few intermittent listeners in Germany and Brazil. But the ones in Monaco are fairly consistently listening to the streaming audio. Isn’t that way cool?

Once again… thanks for producing such a great show

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 5:34 PM, D.Wargo wrote:

Hi Dan,

Yes… I am absolutely serious!

Most syndicated radio shows figure that a weekly show is 24 episodes per year. Each show would be repeated once. That comes out to 48 shows a year. As there is 52 weeks in a year, the other 4 weeks are a guess at how many times a show will be preempted for various reasons… like some special that week, vacations, technical problems, or whatever else.

The part about Monaco is completely true!!! Your show has gone global! Believe me… I have no reason to make up something like that.
Yeah… it absolutely baffles me how the folks there ever found my station (mainly it’s your show the listen to). Whenever I see a spike in listeners I go check the IP address’ to see who’s tuning in…

The station’s web-site is:

Thanks again for show. I think that it is truly unique. My wife says that it’s by far the best show that I carry..

2 Responses to “The Stone Age: Electric Music Of The 1960’s and 1970’s”

  1. I turn on the candle and lay back and watch it flicker, it takes me back to daze I remember and will never forget. Thanks for making it possible.

    • Do you listen on YPR? I also air ‘The Stone Age’ regularly on several other stations as well…www.bigislandradio…Thank you for listening and I am happy to hear that you like the program. Dan Wargo 8-16-13

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